Friday, February 5, 2010

Recipe # 7 : Fish Tacos with Avacado sauce and green rice

Three words: Oh my goodness! These babies were eaten up before I could even get a picture of I have always wanted to make fish tacos,but have never gotten around to doing it, so this was a first for me. It definately wont be the last. i could probably eat these every week, they were that awesome............No words to really describe them, you are just going to have to try them for is the recipe
  Off I go to make a grocery list, who knows what exciting things will be in store? Until then............

Recipe #6 : Stuffed mushrooms with seafood stuffing

  WEll, I finally got my first Rachael ray cookbook in. I kindve skimmed through it, didnt see a whole lot I wanted to make in it, so will probably be getting another book soon. This recipe was in it however. This recipe took me two hours to make. One hour to look for the recipe. At first I thought I had got it online, so I was going crazy looking for the recipe on her site. After about 30 minutes, I realized that I had gotten it out of her 3o minute meals book. Duh! lol. My first blonde moment involving cooking, first of many.Did I mention I am a sucker for crabmeat? I could eat it by the handful. So, I was left without very much seafood for the "seafood stuffing" My hubby got in on the action with this one. I had soo much fun cooking with him. We need to do that more often. I dont have a picture,but it will  most likely be cooked in my house again. If you want this recipe, you'll have to get the book =)
   Another aha moment this week while grocery shopping. I realized they make wines just for cooking. In the vinegar aisle. I thought I had to buy actual wine, so Ive been avoiding those
Another recipe coming up...............

Recipe #6 Monty Cristo Wafflewiches

I actually made these the day after my last post. I forgot to mention that sometimes I can be a bit of a I happened to make these for my husbands and I's anniversary brunch, and I for one thought they were delish! Swiss cheese(heck, cheese period) goes well with anything. I wuv me some swiss cheese. If you do make this recipe,be sure to use Eggo waffles and Smuckers for the best results. Be sure to go easy on the butter, I ended up with a couple of soggy sandwiches.Serve them with sliced Granny Smiths for a real treat.
Here is the recipe. This rachel will definately be making these again

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recipe #5 Sloppy Joe goes veggie

  Ok, I have a confession to make. I am trying to diet while starting this project. And it hasnt been easy. I am not a big meat eiether,or at least when it come to beef and pork. I am more of a chicken and fish kind of gal. My family loves meat dishes. They get offended if you serve them anything else, and automatically deem it off as crap. My husband is one of those who can eat whatever he wants and burns it off like ten seconds later. I am the complete opposite, I look at something and gain 2 pounds automatically. We often joke that when standing together, we look like a number  So in comes this recipe. I tried to hide the fact that the bulk of it was made from portabello mushrooms from This was my first time to cook with fresh portabello, I didnt know when you cook them, they shrink to almost nothing. So thats what I learned today in Cooking 101.I absolutely loved this dish, and my family ate it, even though there was no meat in it(my husband made up some venison steaks,not sure what to make of that).It was yummy, and I will definately be making it again. Oh, and i got to "smash" the garlic, which I have never done before. If you ever watch cooking shows, they will take a large knife, press it against the garlic and pound it with their fist. Most fun Ive had all my dish here, served on fancy "redneck" china (otherwise known as paper plates to you fancy is the recipe

  Tonight I go on another grocery adventure. I am looking forward to making wafflewiches. Five recipes down, I have never cooked soo much in one week. Its sad, i know.  I am soo proud of myself,and my family doesnt know what to

Monday, January 18, 2010

Recipe #4 Chicken Noodle Soup 3 ways

I actually made this over the weekend, but the actual process of the chicken noodle soup making, wore me out too much to post about The end results were  FABULOUS but it took forever(like 2 hours) for me to prepare everything. I suck at chopping veggies,and am very slow and methodical about it. I guess you could say I am challenged in that area.By the time this whole thing is over, i will be a chopping

   Anyway, this recipe featured on Rachael's Yum-o website has 3 ways to cook chicken noodle soup. I did the traditional, but plan to make them all one day(you know, when I actually have a couple of hours to kill). I have only made chicken noodle soup once before, and this one turned out soo much better(it helps to use a recipe, who'da thunk it ?). It was a big hit with my family.Another first for me:cooking with bay leaves...............THEY ADD SOO MUCH FLAVOR!!!! Oh my goodness.I could have had the broth by itself, it was that good.Big Tip: be sure to take the leaves out before you I know its kindve like "duh", but if you are a graduate of the "Cooking for Dummies" school like me,its a good reminder. Im just glad it was in my bowl and no one

Recipe #3 Carmelized Green Beans with Onion and Swap-bot

 In case you are wondering, Swap-bot is not a I just wanted to thank my wonderful friends over there for following my blog =)
   So, today for lunch I made some carmelized green beans with some lemon pepper fish filets. I have never cooked fresh green beans, and I have never carmelized So, those were two more firsts for me. THey turned out ok, but the carmelizing process does take awhile, and I was in a rush, so it probably wasnt a very good idea to make these while in a hurry. They complement practically any dish. I didnt take a picture, because they werent all that Thats pretty much all i can say about that. Tonight I will be making Veggies Sloppy Joes.
here   is the recipe.
  I am planning my menu out for next week, looks like stuffed mushrooms will be in there somewhere along with a few other surprises.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Recipe #2 Ladybug pizzas

   Tomatoes. They are the greatest. I just love them. I could eat them all day. And they are even better with salt. Soo many ways to serve them....................oh, i could go on and on.
   So, what do you do when your kids scream, "Mom, Im bored"!  Well, you get them in the kitchen of course! My daughter, who happens to adore ladybugs,helped me out on this one. To my suprise, she didnt even know how to turn on the going to have to have her help more.
   Now, this recipe requires pesto, which again, I have never used. i got some the other night, and couldnt find it when it came time to make this, so i had to make my own. I am learning all kinds of new things, thats another first for me. Soo easy, a three year old can do it. I think I probably should have left it in the oven a bit longer, they werent quite crisp and pizzaey(ha new word!)enough. The tomatoes also made this recipe very soggy. This was actually my first Rachael recipe. I am going to try to make two a day, or at least every other day.......I took a picture, but cant find my camera(I do that is the recipe. Have fun!!!! This one gets 3 out of 5 stars