Friday, January 15, 2010

Recipe #1 Chicken Taco Soup

Can you beleive I have never had green salsa before, much less cooked with it ? I had quite the adventure the other night at the grocery store. There were various brands of green salsa(or you can call it salsa verde,if you are feeling exotic), so I wasnt sure which one to get, There were several labled medium, but none labled mild, so I just closed my eyes and picked one. I got a brand called San marcos. fast forward to today. I was getting ready to fix this amazing dish, not knowing how hot this salsa would be, so I figured I would try it, with a glass of water close by. To my suprise it wasnt spicy at all. In fact, I made several trips back to the This wont be the last time, I am looking forward to cooking with it again.
The soup overall was super easy and awesome, it cost less than 10 bucks to make. It did have a little bit of a kick,but if you add sour cream to the top or even a bit of lime juice it will take care of that problem.To remove all of the salsa from the jar, I added chicken stock to the bottle , then swished it around and poured it in. This recipe makes 4-6 servings, so if you want leftovers(and you will), i suggest doubling up. gets four out of five stars from me.
Bon Appetit!
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