Monday, January 18, 2010

Recipe #3 Carmelized Green Beans with Onion and Swap-bot

 In case you are wondering, Swap-bot is not a I just wanted to thank my wonderful friends over there for following my blog =)
   So, today for lunch I made some carmelized green beans with some lemon pepper fish filets. I have never cooked fresh green beans, and I have never carmelized So, those were two more firsts for me. THey turned out ok, but the carmelizing process does take awhile, and I was in a rush, so it probably wasnt a very good idea to make these while in a hurry. They complement practically any dish. I didnt take a picture, because they werent all that Thats pretty much all i can say about that. Tonight I will be making Veggies Sloppy Joes.
here   is the recipe.
  I am planning my menu out for next week, looks like stuffed mushrooms will be in there somewhere along with a few other surprises.

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