Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recipe #5 Sloppy Joe goes veggie

  Ok, I have a confession to make. I am trying to diet while starting this project. And it hasnt been easy. I am not a big meat eiether,or at least when it come to beef and pork. I am more of a chicken and fish kind of gal. My family loves meat dishes. They get offended if you serve them anything else, and automatically deem it off as crap. My husband is one of those who can eat whatever he wants and burns it off like ten seconds later. I am the complete opposite, I look at something and gain 2 pounds automatically. We often joke that when standing together, we look like a number  So in comes this recipe. I tried to hide the fact that the bulk of it was made from portabello mushrooms from This was my first time to cook with fresh portabello, I didnt know when you cook them, they shrink to almost nothing. So thats what I learned today in Cooking 101.I absolutely loved this dish, and my family ate it, even though there was no meat in it(my husband made up some venison steaks,not sure what to make of that).It was yummy, and I will definately be making it again. Oh, and i got to "smash" the garlic, which I have never done before. If you ever watch cooking shows, they will take a large knife, press it against the garlic and pound it with their fist. Most fun Ive had all my dish here, served on fancy "redneck" china (otherwise known as paper plates to you fancy is the recipe

  Tonight I go on another grocery adventure. I am looking forward to making wafflewiches. Five recipes down, I have never cooked soo much in one week. Its sad, i know.  I am soo proud of myself,and my family doesnt know what to


  1. men...they can eat anything!!
    ellabellaboo from swapbot

  2. well done you!... and if you are interested in discussing meat-free options that even meat eaters will enjoy I'd be happy to ... I have been veggie/vegan for 10 years ; )

    ...scatter joy...

  3. This is prettypoetstacy from swapbot, I am so sorry for following so late, I am in the middle of moving and have very little availability to the internet until I get moved in.

    Can't wait to see more of your blog.